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Screening and Engagement in Clinical Trials

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Brite Screen

Nearly 80% of clinical trials fail to meet their enrollment timelines. On-site screening failure rates are 60% to 80% causing time burden and costs. Brite Screen is a technology solution to reduce this burden.

Brite Screen offers a data-driven technology for patient screening and enrollment in clinical trials. Remote patient screening will be performed through mobile solutions, and patient selection will be facilitated using a data-driven analytical solution over a web-based portal.

Brite Engage

As many as 40% of Phase III trial subjects become disengaged and drop out of the study. This risks trial timelines and increases the costs. Brite Engage is a technology solution to improve engagement and reduce dropouts.

Brite Engage offers a patient-first mobile platform powered by its proprietary data-driven engine to improve engagement in clinical trials. Key engaging features include personalized and effective communication between patients and trial admin, as well as relevant content specific to the therapeutic area. ​









Proprietary Features

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