Brite Health

Intelligent & Personalized
Patient Retention and Engagement
for Clinical Trials and Beyond the Pill

Adaptive Personalized Patient Engagement

Brite Health Knows Each Patient

Personalized Smart Patient Companion

Supporting Patients and Site Staff Through the Complex Clinical Trial and Care Journey

Patient App & Site Dashboard

Brite Health’s patient-first mobile platform and intelligent site dashboard together support each patient’s complex journey through the clinical trial and her care journey post-market.

The patient application notifies patients about their tasks and site visits at the right moment and informs them every step of the way through personalized conversations and curated content.

The site dashboard allows site staff to monitor patient adherence and engagement in real-time, and intervene in a timely manner to prevent dropouts.

Personalization & Prediction Engine

Brite Health’s patient app and site dashboard are powered by its proprietary data-driven AI engine to improve engagement and retention.

The AI engine continuously learns each patient’s unique behavioral and lifestyle profile, and adapts engagement and adherence strategies to seamlessly integrate with the patient’s daily life. It additionally predicts and alerts site staff in real-time about patients at risk for dropout.

Patient App

Site & Sponsor Dashboard

90% of all Clinical Trials are Delayed

Brite Health's Data-driven Platform Brings Life-saving Drugs to Market Faster


Patient Dropouts
in Clinical Trials


Patient Non-adherence
after 5 months


Increased Trial

$8 Million

Lost Revenue
per Day of Delay


Dealmaker Program


Consumer Innovation

Scope Summit

Participant Engagement Award

CNS Summit

Innovation Showcase

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